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Thursday Dinner

Spring time.  Good friends.  Impromptu dinner out of doors.

I made one of my favorites, long-simmered lamb and cauliflower stew.

Jodi brought some kale and garlic that we sauteed with nama shoyu and a little green tea oil.  A salad was tossed with a nettle pesto vinaigrette I whipped up along with a giant patch of pesto last week.

Anouk brought a great Italian red, Il Trullo from the Co-op in Ashland.  I was inspired to make this peanut and cabbage slaw.

Jodi still isn’t eating chocolate which inspired me to find these really neat rye crumble bars which were filled with last summers Italian prune plum conserve.  Altogether a lovely evening.

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happy new year!

our impromptu new years eve dinner was fabulous over at betsy and jims.  it was nice to be with good friends sharing food and happy memories from 2011.  first course was sesame crusted ginger salmon and salad with ginger & honey infused apple cider vinegar (have i posted that recipe yet?)!  second course:  cider braised ham hocks (woah, betsy, incredible job!), with garlic sauteed kale and our savory quince & onions.  we opened the last bottle of pommeau (sweet indulgent nectar!); it’ll be at least another year before the next batch is ready.

we enjoyed the rest of the chocolate spiced pudding for dessert after watching ‘Margin Call’ (stellar flick).  its one of those all-too-true, intriguing movies that riles the viewer up (at least some of us were riled up)!

short creek hill was my walking/meditation spot this last year.  i kept returning day after day to hike up the hill.  there was always something curious or beautiful to see… fresh bear, skunk, bobcat and fox tracks, the ephemeral dew-specked dragonfly,

a pair of golden eagles, the valley sandwiched between high clouds and tule fog,

flocks of ruby-crowned kinglets and bush tits in the blackberries, frost covered sunrise and this, the last sunset of 2011:

wishing you, all the best, health and happiness in 2012


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