what it do

This blog is a side note to our website Wonderful Ingredients.  Its for folks who are interested all kinds of stuff, and in what we are up to other than eating and drinking.  We are located in rural northern California where there is plenty of good food available from farmers and ranchers.  This influences our cooking and gives it a decidedly provincial cast.  We also enjoy places like Bi-Rite in San Francisco, where one can find all kind of special ingredients, and this also influences our eating habits.  We cant leave out Sally Fallon and the Westin-Price Foundation, who forward the idea of the archaic diet: fermented foods, soaked grains, lots of animal fat, etc.  We combine these diverse influences in a relaxed way so that we are always excited about sitting down to eat.  Our curiosity about what other people are eating, thinking and doing is what keeps us fired up.  Give us a shout sometime.

quince on corduroy


2 thoughts on “what it do

  1. Love your website – thank you for sharing

  2. Jan Dunham says:

    Thanks for being so cool

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