Critique Of The Prevailing Coffee Dogma

Its easy for most people to get on board the whole coffee thing: it tastes awesome, it gives you a nice boost, it makes your teeth sweat, etc.  And the dopest coffee companies have pioneered a business model that rewards far-flung regional growers around the globe, making coffee explorers out of all of us.  The idea that artisinal craft can thrive in the modern economy is proof that the future works.  We have the small independent-minded coffee companies around the world to thank for the excellent state of what PG Wodehouse would refer to as ‘a cup of the steaming’.

Now for the critique: maybe don’t tell people what to do.  I posit that the efforts of a good coffee house should culminate in the enjoyment of its customers.  I’m starting to think the rules surrounding the preparation of drip, french press and espresso have become dogma.  I know its best for my car if I change the oil every 3.000 miles.  I know i shouldn’t scratch my scabs.  Except wait- that’s my business.  More to the point: im not a fan of the 140 degree cappuccino thing.  I respect it as the temperature that best does something or other and I’m sure the coffee heads are totally on-point about it.  If i ask for a ‘capp at 160’ i want a smile and my total, thats all.  I like that I’m crafting my life and future with my choices, and I’m stoked about living in a time and place where its possible to do just that.  From Tokyo to Oslo to the Bay Area, coffee houses have become so juicy and rewarding for everyone involved!  i can take it from here.

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One thought on “Critique Of The Prevailing Coffee Dogma

  1. A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent.

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